At Brownie Points, we want to make doing good easy and fun and even more rewarding, so we can all work together to bring about more positive impact in our communities!

Brownie Points is a nonprofit marketing agency (177-874 NPO) and social network that connects caring South Africans with opportunities to support Nonprofit Organisations (NPOs). We partner with NPOs and help them to set and reach goals, through rewarding supporters with our social currency and helping them with their basic online marketing needs.

Brownie Points strives to:

Encourage, facilitate and incentivise individuals and businesses to volunteer and donate.

Help nonprofit organisations set and reach goals for external support, to improve and scale their impact.

Promote innovation-driven philanthropy, and strive to use online technologies to make a big difference.

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Pascale Henke

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Kerry Slack
Online Success Queen

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Claire Jowell
Business Development & Liaison Guru

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Christiane Henke
Empress of Numbers

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Our story

In 2009, two friends were looking for ways to use their skills, time and resources to help impact the causes they cared about, but they soon realised it was challenging to find ways to get involved in a significant, impactful and scalable way.

Yet, there are thousands of awesome nonprofit organisations in South Africa, and they need help. They operate under extremely challenging circumstances, struggling to secure reliable funding and skilled people and resources to allow them to deliver much-needed services and products.

And, they realised that South African individuals and businesses really do care, and genuinely want to support causes, but they’re also busy and sometimes need a little prompt in the right direction.

Enter Brownie Points…

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