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Ladles of Love

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Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

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Ladles of Love is a volunteer-run soup kitchen and feeding program for people in need. Since inception in July 2014 where we started with one kitchen each Tuesday, we've expanded significantly. We now serve 3 meals a week without fail to the homeless community.

Now we are expanding into primary schools - focusing on providing nutritious, fresh food to young learners coming to school without a meal of their own. We now feed approx 760 students lunch each week.

All food is vegetarian and is freshly prepared in the kitchen of Doppio Zero, St George’s Mall. The soup is a thick wholesome broth of potatoes, butternut, carrots, lentils and rice with a careful blend of spices - cooked over a number of hours to create a delicious meal.

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Carrots, Potatoes, Butternut, non-perishable items, Lentils, Soup mix, Split peas, Fruit Juice, Sweets, Clothes for school children, School shoes

+27 73 720 8088
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Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town
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